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Top 11
Jan Clarke  win this weeks Fridge Magnet Fixture with a perfect 9 winners and a margin of 8 and closely followed by David Shean, Jenni Moran and Brendan Riddle also with the perfect 9, seven other tipsters made up the Top 11 this week with 8 winners and some very very low margins !!!
Overall after Round 9.
David Shean claimed back the top spot this week with John Robertson and Mark White still very close. Jan Clarke moved into the Top Ten Overall this week with her perfect 9.
One mistake is costly pretty well anywhere on the ladder at the moment so tip well this week.
It is rumoured that one so-called tipster MR FOOTBALL65 dropped 14 places because he wasnt as good as us this weekend Rudi Rooster LOL not that I would sledge him ...... much.

It is never too late to join in the fun, so follow the link:-  https://tipping.afl.com.au/tipping/index.html#/comp/549/about?code=XMKSXEUA

Round 9 - Overall Placings