Exciting news for our Mackay and Surrounding Areas QEBS members.

Claudies pizza


I love the start of a new footy season! leaving last years mistakes behind, but carrying the lessons, moving forward as a team, exciting new players and well footy is finally back!

I worked quite hard last year to get us a home base here in Mackay, with promise of looking at discounted room rates and buses for the surrounding areas yet attendance
seemed to fall quite short. I’m not one to let that get me down and I figure new year new venue new start!.


Claudies Mackay


I could take this opportunity to shamelessly plug a local restaurant that just so happens to employ my partner as their Head Chef, that their pizzas are amazing, that they offer wings,
burgers, beer on ice and a whole bunch of other things……. but no one wants to hear that really.

What you really want to know is its a family friendly venue, willing to give us a spot no matter how big or small our turn out is to watch the greatest game played by the greatest

At this stage it will be free to air only, if turnover increases so will the opportunities for it to be every game every week. (as with every small business it can be hard to stay afloat)

ANZAC Day will at this stage be held at SOUTHS Leagues Club
(near the airport)
** This may change, will update accordingly**

I may not be able to attend every game, and i will need to notify them of numbers so
please let me know if you’re heading in to watch.

Hope to see you all soon!

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Claudies Mackay