The QEBS Mega Raffle will be drawn this year on the 18th November at Blackbutt as well as streamed live on our QEBS Facebook group 


The first 5 numbers drawn out will have a choice of whatever major prizes are left and they include in no particular order:

  1.  A 2018 Essendon team signed guernsey with authentication certificate (donated by the EFC).
  2.  A 2018 Essendon team signed football with authentication certificate (donated by the EFC).
  3.  An Essendon timber wall board (donated by Peter Corrigan).
  4.  A hand made, sun burnt  Essendon plaque created by Martin Keane (purchased for QEBS by John Jordan).
  5.  A 240cm x 120cm acrylic (perspex) image of Paddy Ryder in his Essendon heyday. (donated by Tom Twistie).
  6.  Winners 6 through to 30 will be sent Essendon stickers to the value of at least $15.

So we will draw the first winner and then phone that person to see which of the major prizes they want and so on through the first 5 prizes.

Cost: $5.00 per ticket (you may one or any amount of tickets).
Method of purchase: Banking into QEBS bank account
Identification: When purchasing your ticket/s, you must put your name and mobile in the reference area (mobile so we can ring you if drawn in the first 5 prizes).
Drawn: On Sunday (late morning) the 18th November 2018 at our Blackbutt Brunch. (The first 5 drawn are phoned and told what major prizes are left).
Closing tickets sales: Approximately one week prior to drawing.
Attendance: You DO NOT have to be there to win a prize, although day trippers are welcome to Blackbutt on that Sunday.
QEBS Official BONUS: If you are a free or founding member of the QEBS website then an extra prize will be given with any of the 5 major prizes won, a Bomber Beer !  

Banking Details:
Account name: John Jordan (QEBS Treasurer)
BSB code: 084 435
Account number: 232419943
Any questions contact me, Rob Peeler or John Jordan on our Facebook group.

NOTE: All prizes can be collected or sent by mail at QEBS expense EXCEPT the huge Paddy image, it must be collected from Highland Park near Nerang or make arrangements for transportation.
If this becomes an unwanted prize due to location then QEBS will auction the prize to members who want the prize and can transport it.
The proceeds of that auction will be divided between the winner and QEBS.

Guernsey 1

2018 team signed guernsey and football.

Football 2
This will look great in any room.
Wall art 3
Beautiful plaque carefully create by magnifying glass and the sun.
Plaque 4

This looks good against a window, a wall or a lightbox. 2.4M x 1.2M

Official Results of the 2018 QEBS Mega Raffle:

1st Place: Robert Holden of Brisbane Northside choosing the 2018 team signed guernsey. (No. 1 in photo)
2nd Place: Rob BJ Corrigan of Blackbutt choosing the large Bombers plaque. (No. 3 in photo)
3rd Place: Linda Jensen of the Sunshine Coast winning the 2018 team signed football. (No. 2 in photo)
4th Place: Pauline Powell of Brisbane Southside choosing the sunburnt Bombers plaque. (No. 4 in photo)
5th Place: Doug Jordan of Melbourne winning the 2.4M high Paddy sign (this prize will now be auctioned).
6th Place: Pete Cardona of the Gold Coast won the red and black flowered bag.

7th Place to 31st Place won sets of Bombers stickers plus 2019 Fixtures and they include:
Rudi Engelen x 1
Mary Ann Ridgill x 3
Troy White x 1
Michelle Holt x 1
Melissa Bush x 1
Jeffrey Skinner x 1
Robert Holden x 2
Jodi Graham x 3
Linda Jensen x 2
Laurie Plecas x 1
Doug Jordan x 2
AJ Micke x 1
John Jordan x 1
David Moir x 2
Rob BJ Corrigan x 1
Christine Engelen x 1
Noel Kitchingman x 1

Thank you all for your support and look forward to seeing you all in a successful 2019.