BJ speeching.

For anyone considering their first visit to our Blackbutt weekend.

A little over 2 years ago I came across the Queensland Essendon Bombers Supporters (QEBS) Facebook page. As a former Melbournite and lifelong Bomber supporter I joined the group. I had not met many Essendon supporters in my almost 30 years in Brisbane at that time so it was great to have some like-minded people to chat with.
We were in the last stages of Essendon’s darkest hour and there was a lot of negative stuff all over the internet, but here was a place where the members were being positive about our future.

Mel at the RadnorFast forward a month or two and up pops an invitation to a weekend at Blackbutt to meet and greet with other members of QEBS. When I said to Erin (my wife) ‘Do you want to go to Blackbutt for a weekend?’, without her even knowing why, I was surprised when she responded with a ‘Yes’ immediately.
Sheeds and BJ

And so it was that we booked a motel room (thanks to BJ for his work) and arrived at the Hotel Radnor around 2pm on Saturday afternoon. Keep in mind that neither of us had met any of these people. As we walked into the pub I was immediately approached by our Pres, Rob Peeler, and greeted with open arms. It was only a small group that weekend but within a short time I felt I had known them for years.

Our time at the pub and at BJ’s the next morning stick in my mind. I made friendships that will last forever. Not just because they are Essendon people (and some are not) but because they are good people.
We were happy to be part of the Blackbutt get together once again last year and we will be there again this year. Looking forward to it.
All the best
John Jordan


At the Radnor

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