Love letter to EFC

Love letter from Layne Campbell of QEBS.

On  the morning of Tuesday 12 January I was scheduled for surgery, so it was already a bad day. On the way to the hospital I listened to ‘Heroes’, my favourite Bowie of all time, over and over, volume maxed. He’d died two days earlier and it still hurt. As he was for so many, Bowie was emblematic of a certain time in my life, of certain people and places and events, and when Bowie was at the height of his powers I think I was too. So his passing brought a melancholy, an introspection that the prospect of surgery only made keener.


Written by John Jordan

For Essendon fans the year is almost ended. No doubt some (many? all?) will take some interest in the finals. After all, it is footy; and we don't want THAT team to get the flag.

goal posts

Written & compiled by our QEBS member John Jordan.
July 27th 2016

Much has been spoken and written recently about Essendon's inaccuracy in front of goal, and for good reason. 

Brisbane North get together.

Sat 16th July - Essendon vs Richmond

A good fun catch up with 10 people on Saturday afternoon at the Pine Rivers Bowls Club.
They gave us our own area with a TV with volume, as you usually just have to watch the game there.