Top 11
This week we have 11 people that picked 6 winners in a round full of upsets, the most accurate was Tim Backhouse with a margin of 35, very closely followed by Alison Oag with a margin of 36
Overall after Round 5.
David Shean has a two win buffer now with Jodi Graham and myself having a shocker, allowing Tee Jensen, one of the top 11 this week to charge to 2nd place closely followed by Brett Harrison in 3rd place.
In other news I see RUDI ROOSTER has caught up to MR FOOTBALL65 and is about to go flying past him.

It is on again, the famous QEBS/BFF Tipping Competition.

If you are a member of the AFL Tipping Comp, then just click on the link below and you are in.
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