Red and Black Army by Jeff Skinner (2013)

My red and black army have taken the field.
Not giving an inch, nor willing to yield.
From the bounce of the ball, to the sirens last call.
My Bombers will play giving their all.

My Bombers are young. They are growing up fast.
They have taken the field and are learning their craft.
From Daniher and Hibberd and then on to Heppell
The young guns are just getting better and better.

I'm loving this team I'm so very happy
Add Watson and Goddard, Stanton and Chappy
The old guard are rising their all so damn clever
And don't forget Fletcher who will play on forever.

So come one, come all, all members and fans.
Bring your scarfs and jackets and keep them to hand.
From Sheedy it started now let's keep it going.
The finals are calling and our legend is growing.

When the season's all done, we can finish on top.
We are so hard to beat we are so hard to stop.
When the finals are finished, we have it in the bag.
See the Bombers fly up to win the premiership flag.

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The Comeback Year by Jeff Skinner (2017)

Down the ladder we finished it was looking bad.
As members and fans, we were so very sad.
Our club has struggled for 4 years now.
But we rose up and told them we won't be cowed.

The preseason has started we are looking good.
Our players are back, like we new they would.
They have trained really hard. They are in peak condition.
The coach's have told them we can better our position.

Our new coach is Whoosha. We have new players too.
Let us welcome them aboard. Let us say how do you do.
Parish, Redman and McGrath, Good luck.
Francis and Long and the big TIPPA truck.

This club is the greatest. Its fans are the best.
16 cups we hold forget all the rest.
We were there at the start we will be there at the end.
This club is the strongest we will never break or bend.

Our history is rich. There are so many stories.
There are the tales of old and all the new tales of glory.
So bring on the new year. Let's make them pay.
We can finish on top we can go all the way.