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Top 10
Damien Cleary got a perfect score of 9 winners and a margin of 14 closely followed by his other half Danielle Serong with 8 winners and a margon of 1, in total there were 16 with 8 winners. (even Mr Football did so it must have been easy) Before you have a go at Damien about tipping Collingwood, there were actually 4 of the Top Ten that did this.
You QEBS Fridge Magnet Fixture is in the mail Damien.
Overall after Round 6.
David Shean still holds the lead in the overall stakes from Mary-Anne Ridgill (now MA Huggins, congrats on your recent marriage) and Stephen Benoit is steadilymoving up the ladder to 3rd place. (thanks again Steve for another great Anzac Day at your place.)
One false move can drop you many places as I found out on the weekend.

It is never too late to join in the fun, so follow the link:-  https://tipping.afl.com.au/tipping/index.html#/comp/549/about?code=XMKSXEUA

Round 6 - Overall Placings