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The ladies are showing the boys the way so far in the QEBS & BFF Tipping Comp, with Selina Engelen and Jan Clarke sharing the lead on 6 wins and a margin of only 1 point, followed not far away by Jodi Graham and then Diane Turner. Top male is next Des Powell also on 6 wins but with a margin of 24.

The girls Diane Turner (BFF) and Jodi Graham are still showing the boys the way in the QEBS & BFF Tipping Comp, with a solid 6 wins each.
Two of the biggest movers this week were Layne Campbell jumping from 55th to 4th position and Steve Hodkinson 56th to 7th place.
Some reputation are being badly hurt so far this season with no names mentioned.

Top 10
Denise Rathbone
 wins the round with 8 winners and a margin of one, very very closely followed by Geoff Stone only one margin point away. Good to see our champion junior tipster Owen Delaney back in the mix picking 7 winners along with the other 16 people that picked 7 winners. 
Jodes Graham is still flying with 19 winners for the 3 rounds so far, 2 winners clear of Diane Turner, so yes the girls are smashing the boys STILL!
There are still many people on 16 and 15 winners so margin is playing a big part now.

Top 10
Brett Harrison wins the round with 7 winners and a margin of three, very closely followed by David Shean only four margin points away.
Some slick margins there from Tee Jensen and Rohdan Peeler with 1 and 2 respectively.

David Shean has forged to the front with 23 winners for the 4 rounds so far, but only by margin from our early leader Jodi Graham also having 23 winners.
Some other bloke is only 1 winner away in 3rd spot, but please tell me, has anyone seen Mr Football?