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Top 10
David Shean wins the Fridge Magnet Fixture this week, with a 7 winners and a better margin than the other 14 people with 7 winners. Kerryn Miller had a 3rd good week in a row, we will call for a swab soon.

Overall after Round 17.

John Robertson maintained Top Spot but Keryn Millerand Jan Clarke muscled Mark White down to fourth. David Shean is back in the Top Ten.
Tipsters in their 90's, (that is have 90 winners or more) stretch right down to 25th position and then the 80's right down to 61st place. A fierce competition indeed.

Boys vs Girls:
  Boys 7 Girls 3, What The Hell?!?!

Top 10
Troy White wins the Fridge Magnet Fixture this week, with a 8 winners and a better margin than the other 4 people with 8 winners. (Seriously how could you pick St Kilda) Ross Greenaway from the far north came second only one margin point away (St Kilda really??) and another margin point away was me, yes I didnt have St Kilda.

Overall after Round 18.

John Robertson has been swamped by Keryn Millerwith Jan Clarke and Mark White solid in third and fourth. Tee Jensen jumped back high in the Top Ten early and then just held onto 10th place with a white knuckle grip that a Ninja Warrior would have been proud of. Keryn Miller dont be surprised if ASADA turn up in the morning wanting to do a swab.

There are 4 tipsters over 100 winning tips, and a further 44 tipsters with 90 or more. 

Boys vs Girls:  Boys 6 Girls 4, They are fighting back boys!
NEWSFLASH: The girls are winning the well known and well celebrated "Top 13" - Girls 7 Boys 6...Phew

Top 10
Jodi Graham wins again this week narrowly with a margin of 13 and a perfect 9 winners from Brett Harrison only 1 margin point away. 16 other tipsters had 8 winners with the best of those being Tim Backhouse and Troy White with margins of 1 and 3 respectively. (Watch out for the ASADA swab Troy)

Overall after Round 19.

The Top 3 in the competition are on 109 winners for the season Keryn Miller, Jan Clarke and John Robertson with only superior margins keeping the girls on top and Mark White solid in fourth on 108 winners. Jodi Graham has charged back into the 5th and is gunning to get her top spot back that she held for so long early in the year. Keep up the fierce battle !!!

There are 40 tipsters are all within 10 places from the leaders. 

Boys vs Girls:  Boys 6 Girls 4, STILL!! (Unless any have changed gender since last week)

Top 10
Diane Turner wins this week with 8 winners and a margin of 9 from Iain Park and 
Lee Hughes with 7 winners and the exact margin. Eight others had 7 winners with various higher margins.

Overall after Round 20.

John Robertson turned the tables on the 2 top girls Jan Clarke and Keryn Miller on 116, 115 and 114 winners respectively. Kent Huggins is also on 114.
The fierce battle continues!!!

There are only 33 tipsters (40 last week) are all within 10 places from the leaders. 

Boys vs Girls:  Boys 6 Girls 4, STILL!! (nothing to see here)