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Top 11
This week we have 11 people that picked 6 winners in a round full of upsets, the most accurate was Tim Backhouse with a margin of 35, very closely followed by Alison Oag with a margin of 36
Overall after Round 5.
David Shean has a two win buffer now with Jodi Graham and myself having a shocker, allowing Tee Jensen, one of the top 11 this week to charge to 2nd place closely followed by Brett Harrison in 3rd place.
In other news I see RUDI ROOSTER has caught up to MR FOOTBALL65 and is about to go flying past him.

Top 10
Damien Cleary got a perfect score of 9 winners and a margin of 14 closely followed by his other half Danielle Serong with 8 winners and a margon of 1, in total there were 16 with 8 winners. (even Mr Football did so it must have been easy) Before you have a go at Damien about tipping Collingwood, there were actually 4 of the Top Ten that did this.
You QEBS Fridge Magnet Fixture is in the mail Damien.
Overall after Round 6.
David Shean still holds the lead in the overall stakes from Mary-Anne Ridgill (now MA Huggins, congrats on your recent marriage) and Stephen Benoit is steadilymoving up the ladder to 3rd place. (thanks again Steve for another great Anzac Day at your place.)
One false move can drop you many places as I found out on the weekend.

Top 10
John Robertson for 2 weeks in a row had 8 winners and a low margin and wins the Fridge Magnet this week, he saved QEBS a stamp as he was on the Bomber Balcony watching the game. Equal second this week were Ross Greenaway from the Far North and Rob BJ from the Outback with 7 winners and only 1 margin.
Overall after Round 7.
David Shean held onto the lead but only by a better margin from the fast finishing John Robertson who has moved from as low as 36th position after round 3 to equal Top now on winners picked after round 7.

Top 10
Diane Turner (from BFF) won this weeks Fridge Magnet Fixture with 7 winners and a margin of 11 and Danielle Serong is bridemaid again with 7 wins and a margin of 36, well done girls!!
Overall after Round 8.
John Robertson has hit the front in the overall stakes from David Shean and Mark White only one win and better margins than the leader. A close competition throughout the ladder.