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Top 11
Jan Clarke  win this weeks Fridge Magnet Fixture with a perfect 9 winners and a margin of 8 and closely followed by David Shean, Jenni Moran and Brendan Riddle also with the perfect 9, seven other tipsters made up the Top 11 this week with 8 winners and some very very low margins !!!
Overall after Round 9.
David Shean claimed back the top spot this week with John Robertson and Mark White still very close. Jan Clarke moved into the Top Ten Overall this week with her perfect 9.
One mistake is costly pretty well anywhere on the ladder at the moment so tip well this week.
It is rumoured that one so-called tipster MR FOOTBALL65 dropped 14 places because he wasnt as good as us this weekend Rudi Rooster LOL not that I would sledge him ...... much.

Top 10
Rudi Engelen wins this weeks Fridge Magnet Fixture with 8 winners and a margin of 14 and closely followed by Iain Park and Jan Clarke only 6 and 12 points of margin behind, 18 other tipsters this week with 7 winners !!! 
Overall after Round 10.
David Shean gave the Top Position back to John Robertson with the lead changing several times over the weekend and Mark White still very close in third spot. Jan Clarke moved up to 4th with Mary-Anne and Tee Jensen back in the mix at 6th. The girls are showing their equal to the task with 5 girls and 5 boys making up the Top Ten.

Although MR FOOTBALL65  gained 2 places on the weekend Rudi Rooster gained 12 places proving too good for him. (and I went up 4 places Jeffrey LOL)

Top 10
Lorraine Doughty is our Top Tipster this week and wins the Fridge Magnet Fixture being the only person with 8 winners but still had a high margin of 62 like most of the tipsters this week. The next best were Ron Davies, Brett Harrison and Suze Peach along with 30 other tipsters with 7 winners !!! 
Overall after Round 11.
David Shean finally succumbed to the pressure from John Robertson  by having the worst round of the comp selecting only 3 winners and dropping to 15th place from 2nd place. (sorry to let everyone know David ;) )  Mark White's solid tipping has him in 2nd place now overall with Jan Clarke zooming up to 3rd place.

The girls are now in front of the Top Ten Stakes with 6 girls and only 4 boys making up the Top Ten.

Top 10
Layne Campbell is our Top Tipster this week and wins the Fridge Magnet Fixture with 4 winners and a margin of 29 from Gai Williams with a 36 margin. David Shean and Tee Jensen were again amongst it this week and an honorable mention to John Jordan making the Top Ten, could be going to make a charge in the main half of the season.

AFL Tipping "Pick 5"
Although we had 63 tipsters from QEBS/BFF go through the first week of "Pick 5", none of us met the qualifications on the second week. (sad face)

Overall after Round 12.
John Robertson, Mark White and Jan Clarke are unchanged in the first three placings, one game apart each but Tee Jensen jumped back up to 4th place pushing Danielle Serong back to fifth. I expect there will be some fierce competition again this week with some of the game I believe can go either way. Good Luck all (not you Jeffrey)

Girls vs boys in the Top Ten is back to even 5 all.